Are you prepared for an earthquake, flood, fire, storm, human error or terrorism? A disaster can happen at any time with absolutely no warning and destroy valuable or even priceless data. Medir works with companies and government entities to design and implement policies and procedures secure mission critical records against loss. When plans exist prior to a disaster striking you can be assured to have coordinated effort that is efficient and organized to give you the best chance of saving precious records. When a plan does not exist one must be developed during the disaster and there simply may not be enough time or man power.
Protection can be taken to guard against physical damage to records but there is no peace of mind like knowing you have duplicate records stored off-site.  Medir believes that part of planning is creating a duplicate record and a plan of action to have the duplicate be put into use. Medir can help plan how to relocate physical facilities and use duplicate data to operate at alternate locations after disaster strikes, but having a plan for this before it happens can make all the difference.
Disaster Preparedness